With the current rate of crime – be alarmed!

Vehicle GPS tracking • Fleet tracking systems • Personal tracking systems • Witness cameras

Vehicle crime costs £3 million per year with 2 million vehicle related thefts reported each year.

We are well aware of the vehicle crime problems in the UK. Not only are vehicles stolen by joy riders but many are stolen to order. Key theft is a serious problem today even though vehicles are equipped with sophisticated alarms and immobilisers.

Professionally installing a witness cameras to your vehicle is growing in popularity for many reasons. Unwanted fraudulent claims. Crash for cash. A neutral version of events, before, during and after an incident/accident. Black box for your vehicle, log vehicle driving history. Prevents False/exaggerated whiplash claims. Speeds up insurance claims process, providing irrefutable evidence.

We have a compressive range of witness cameras available in store. Accutek have fully trained and certified installers able to fit your tracking system or witness camera to any vehicle. Please get in touch for more detailed information.