You can have digital radio in your vehicle…

You can listen to digital radio in a number of ways: DAB digital radio, online (on computers and apps) and in your car. If you listen on a digital radio set, you’ll get access to FM stations, plus other stations you already know and love, as well as a wide range of digital-only stations.

There’s something for everyone on digital radio. From jazz to rock, classical to hip-hop and speech to sport, there’s a station to suit everyone.

The advantages of digital radio are:
• Hiss and crackle-free sound
• Easy to tune: find the station you want by name, not number
• Track and artist listings: digital radios display on-screen information, so you can find out what’s playing
• Pause and rewind: some digital radios offer pause and rewind so you don’t have to miss a thing
• Record programmes: some digital radios let you record your favourite programmes

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